fast and furiouS

b a c k  o f f  - d i d i 

The track was written when I had just got off the train after this guy was shouting as this drunk girl on the way home from London, and he starting dissing her education and race and it really pissed me off. so yeah :’)

b a c k   o f f -  r e m i x e s

A W K W A R D  -  D I D I

I’ve realized that the sentiment here may resonate with the often patronising experiences that many people have told me they have, where people speak for you or think they know best.

S O R R Y  -  D I D I

This is my first ever solo track called 'Sorry' I have been working this project idea for a while and now I finally feel like letting it out. I also felt it was a very fitting title for my first track as anyone who knows me will know, I say sorry about 50,000 times a conversation, so It only seems right! I really wanted to keep my sound quite punkish and real because I have been spending my whole musical life so far making sure everything is polished, pretty and perfect.

S O R R Y   R E M I X ' S