Bio and quotes

‘fiercely provocative art-pop… energetic with a neo-punk edge’ The Revue
‘a powerful debut, a big fat YES from us’ Gigslutz
‘kick ass’ Eargasm blog

‘DIDI stands out from the regular pop crowd as a fierce and fearless artist, following her epic debut single, Sorry, comes the brilliant new track Awkward. Enjoy a new anthem for the LGBTQ community’ DIVA Magazine

‘Awkward’ is filled with imaginative musicality (including the twinkling of cold cups of tea) and raw, honest lyrics inspired by the restriction often felt by minorities in society, in a campaign to #endtheawkward.' Gigslutz

'DIDI’s got a very unique thing going on that I really dig, sounds really cool, great voice’. Matthew from Wheatus

‘part art-pop, part '90s alternative, but the sum is exhilarating’ Angry Baby

‘Her vocals are pure and crisp, not unlike Alanis Morissette, and the mix is – one would be surprised if otherwise – beautifully done’ Essentially Pop

‘Addictive enough for pop fans, but with enough rawness to influence indie-rock listeners. Built round an edgy, rapid whirlpool of guitar riffs, and driven by pristine vocals that are delivered with plenty of bullish attitude, this is a confident debut release from DIDI’ - Alternative Tracks

There’s an energy to Awkward, a quirky edge that hides a tough message behind a wry smile.  DIDI has delivered 21st Century punk with purpose. - Fresh On The Net, Angry Baby



Female Music Producer turned artist throws away the rule book. Self releases debut power play single which is a pretty punkish antidote to perfect and polished bland offerings. Spurning the usual accoutrements of studio production, such as drums, in favour of organically produced percussion. And hitting the ground running with her New Single 'Awkward' labeled as the 'New LGBTQ Anthem' by Diva Mag. DIDI announced her arrival on Monday 20th March 2017, with her self penned, self recorded and self released debut single ‘Sorry’ catching the eye and ear of a number of music blogs as well as BBC Introducing, independent radio stations and newspapers, However, this artist, better known as producer Lauren Deakin Davies, (a full member of the respected Music Producers Guild no less, aged 21) has been in bands since she was 10 years old. So no stranger to the stage or studio. But this incarnation to DIDI (a play on words originating from an abbreviation of her surname) is quite different to anything she has produced in her studio.